Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Zebra Print - Oh My!

My cute lil' friend Robin bought this great chair named "Josette" from Pier 1 Imports awhile back and asked me to make a fun toss pillow for it.  Zebra is fun, right?!  I thought so, and made a couple of extras while I was at it.  
Speaking of fabric and toss pillows, I'm off to Winnipeg for the day to gather up samples for another order of pillows and some painting supplies.  There will definitely be a stop for a big ole Starbucks on the docket too.  After that it will be dropping samples off and an attempt at the gym after a knee melt-down Monday night - ouch.  Even worse... had to miss yoga for the first time ever last night because of it.  I will be desperately missing that class by next week and hopefully back in bendable shape before then : )
Fabric, paint, caffeine... gonna be a good day!


Jaimee said...

That's a great chair! How come they never sold that one when we worked there?

Kari said...

I have NO idea! There's tons of cute stuff there now - you should see the cute pillows, they're everywhere! :)