Monday, February 28, 2011

The Weekender

My lady Jenna-Loo and I spent Friday night fighting with strip after strip of wallpaper in her living room... and maybe it needs um, some finishing touches ha.  We had fun though, and who can blame us for hurrying when there was a bottle of wine and a BIG bowl of white cheddar popcorn waiting for us at the finish line?!

Saturday afternoon saw a little Starbucks run and the matinee performance of The Shunning at MTC, followed by some delicious Thai food... mmm, green curry!

Sunday there was finally some definite couch time - nothing like 8 cups of green tea and an afternoon with Pride & Prejudice (the book - no cheating on the homework here ;) to make a stuffy nose and head feel a little better.
Today is catch-up on emails and errands and then time spent working on the storyboarding for some new dresses.  The list is longer than the day, so I might be reaching for the coffee sooner than later.
Last day of February - hurray!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Has anyone seen this flick?  I've been wanting to for some time now... wondering what those of you who saw it thought?  I do think Sofia Coppola is brilliant, so I'm guessing that it's a must-see.  Watching a flick or two is probably just what this stuffy-nosed gal should be doing this weekend.
Sniff.  Ha.
Hope ya'll are enjoying your Saturday!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Design Inspiration:

A Storyboard

I'm taking one more painting day (well, maybe the weekend too) and then the next two weeks will be about compiling and sketching for new warm-weather dresses, skirts and maybe even accessories if I'm really on it.  Part of the process is going to be about recording my inspiration and influences this time around.  It's about keeping a consistency, but also as a way of being able to look back at how the pieces evolved.  Whether it's art, design (fashion or other) there is always a point of inspiration somewhere in the creation process... it seems like a good idea track these points and to start with a design storyboard to keep a focus.  Organized creativity?!  Not that I promise to stick to a plan, but I love the idea of having a 'go-to' when I need a little push in  one direction or another.
First, coffee and lunch with my gal Clar and then on and on with the painting.
Happy Friday!
--- The image/words above are the first pieces of my inspiration storyboard... thoughts anyone? 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ballet + Couture = Inspired

Yesterday I took a bit of a holiday (in lieu of Louis) since I kinda skipped out on the holiday Monday that most of the rest of ya'll enjoyed.  It was loaded with about as many of my favorite things as can fit into a single day: coffee, fashion show, thrifting, coffee, spin/work-out and late evening supper.
I did sandwich the very best part right in there.
I spent the afternoon at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet (RWB) fashion show, put on to exhibit the costumes for the up-coming production of "Wonderland" and to announce the next season.  Wonderland runs March 9th-13th and is based on Lewis Carroll's 1865 novel, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.  As described in the re-amble to the runway show, the intent of the production is to study the parallels we draw between Alice and ourselves and to explore how we each create our own wonderland.  It really seemed to be the type of production their costume designers must dream of working on - the perfect opportunity to blend in couture and let the imagination run wild.
The runway show was staged in the atrium of the concert hall, an intimate setting with limited seating.  (As in, my knees were pretty much up against the edge of the runway - thank-you giraffe legs).  It was kinda incredible to be in such close quarters with some of Winnipeg's big talents in design, dance and media.  The show itself had great energy - the dancers worked as the models and brought the personality of their characters to the runway with them.  Couple the performance with the excitement of media, camera flashes and a crowd who truly appreciated the costuming... all-in-all, a successful, refreshing and totally motivating way to spend the afternoon.  
I'm still not sure how or why I was invited, but it was just what I needed to push me to divvy up my time a little more fairly between the painting and sewing projects.  I'm realizing that maybe I need to work on my multi-projecting skills just a little bit more...
Here it goes people.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Super excited for what I have planned for the day... hopefully it turns out to be the inspiring kinda outing that I'm looking for.  I'll post about what the day held and how it turned out later tonight or tomorrow.  For now, the photo is a little hint ; ) 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fresh Wares at Bloom

New at Bloom...

I spent Saturday afternoon workin' the wares and les fleurs at Bloom and managed to fit-in some picture snapping between customers.  I do love shiny things... so those feather statuettes kinda have my eye.  Maybe I will leave part of my next pay cheque behind on one of those ; )
Today is a typical Tuesday here, with a twist: homework, afternoon with Jamie, yoga class and out with the girls afterwards for a birthday celebration.  Fun.
How is it that I already know this week will go by too quickly?  I just do.
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Pie N' The Sky Giveaway

Dove Tree is part of a GIVEAWAY on Pie N' The Sky - visit Melisa's blog for the details and enter to win some cute lil' goodies!

The Weekender

Hmm, the weekend run-down: 
- Friday was painting all day, gym time, working on some bloggity blog stuff and starting-in on my lady Jenna's feathered wedding hair piece.  
-Saturday was breakie out with 'Nita, an afternoon of working at Bloom, gym time and then... then, I watched a really sad movie:

... it was beautiful though, in that you could watch without the audio and still follow.  I like movies like that sometimes, that don't rely so much on the dialogue but rather more on the scenery, color, expression, etc.  The scene in the preview of Tommy screaming is totally heart-wrenching by that point in the movie.  Yikes, tears for sure.
-Sunday was more coffee, more painting (hurray for another one done!), another go at watching a very cute game of hockey (it IS cute, when the players' average age is 5) and supper with the Ma & Pa.
***There was also NO homework, NO cleaning and NO laundry... saved all the 'good' stuff for Monday - which is technically a holiday here, but hmm, when all your days run together the way mine do, it's kinda hard to differentiate and single out a day of nothingness.  I'll wait until I need it instead : )  
Hope ya'll enjoy your holiday - whether it's Louis Riel Day, Family Day or President's Day for ya!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Yes, I finally did get around to the "About Me" section of this blog... A littttle later than expected, and a littttle more long-winded than expected too.  Some of you have probably pieced a lot of the story together, but for those of you who want the low-down without the puzzle work, check it out in the sidebar - or if you're really lazy, just click here ; )
Off for coffee with a lady friend now and workin' at Bloom this afternoon, so stop-by if you're in the 'hood.
Hope your Saturday is oh-so-lovely!

Friday, February 18, 2011

6 Confessions

I've been pondering doing this "6 Confessions" post that's been going around all week after Leigh Ann of Freckled Nest blog made her confessions to the world.  I'm ready now, to make my own.

1. I make a mean tuna salad.  The secret is diced dill pickles.  Yeah.  I basically avoid meat as much as possible.  I'm not a vegetarian, but I am rarely interested in anything that isn't seafood (with the exception of the occasional formerly-feathered food item).
2. Sometimes I worry that I won't be busy enough... so I tend to overload my schedule in a panic and then end up wishing for more hours in the day.  I do thrive on busyness though, and probably wouldn't feel satisfied any other way.
3. I drink A LOT of water, never less than 2 liters/day... usually more like 3.
4. I'm like a bird: easily distracted by bright lights and shiny objects.  Ha.  I really am a serious daydreamer, it's just the way I'm made.  I think I'm okay with that.
5. Not in an obsessive way, but I actually really, truly, honestly do love running, yoga and going to the gym.  It's part of my day that I always look forward to. 
6. I have a lot in common with my grandma - probably with yours too... I love baking, sewing, gardening and shouting the answers at the t.v. when Wheel of Fortune is on.  (I would have won countless times, if only Pat and Vanna heard me).
There it is.  What are your confessions?
Back to the paintbrushes with me...
Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dance Party

A little Lykke Li remix for your Thursday morning dance party - if this girl doesn't at least get your toe tapping, you must be 87.  Ha.  Love this video, love Lykke Li.
Bust a move and get back to business.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Zebra Print - Oh My!

My cute lil' friend Robin bought this great chair named "Josette" from Pier 1 Imports awhile back and asked me to make a fun toss pillow for it.  Zebra is fun, right?!  I thought so, and made a couple of extras while I was at it.  
Speaking of fabric and toss pillows, I'm off to Winnipeg for the day to gather up samples for another order of pillows and some painting supplies.  There will definitely be a stop for a big ole Starbucks on the docket too.  After that it will be dropping samples off and an attempt at the gym after a knee melt-down Monday night - ouch.  Even worse... had to miss yoga for the first time ever last night because of it.  I will be desperately missing that class by next week and hopefully back in bendable shape before then : )
Fabric, paint, caffeine... gonna be a good day!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pie N' The Sky Feature

Check out the feature (here) on Pie N' The Sky... BIG thanks to Melisa for her kind words and the mention!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Lover's Day

Sun Worship - Fine Art beach Photography -  umbrella - heart bokeh

Just a couple of cute pics for a cute day.  The last two are from a shoot done by the two awesome gals behind Jack and Ruby Photography.  You MUST MUST check out the rest of the shoot here.  It is so beautiful - they did a great job and Des (of Paper Airplanes) and her husband Cole were just the perfect pair for the job.  Wow!
I am spending Lover's Day dishin' out les fleurs at Bloom with Meg, her sis and her mom - fun.
However or if ever you celebrate it - enjoy your Valentine's Day!
--- Ohh, and also do check out this behind-the-scenes video from the J & R shoot, done by Paperback Films ---

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Weekender

I worked good and late Friday night to make sure I could get out and enjoy some live tunes and local talent on Saturday night.  Kicked it off with vino before the cuz and I walked down to the bar where really, everyone does know your name.  Ha. Seriously though.  It was a great group of people, great local talent and great friends new and old.  I had such a good night - I could definitely do with spending more Saturday nights like that.  Play again guys?  Pretty please!
Today was gorgeous out - plus temperatures in February don't happen often around here so I spent the afternoon outside walking the town and visiting with Ariel, Amilia and Joycie : )  As you can see from the pics, I also got to baking cupcakes and sugar cookies to share with friends tomorrow.
And now a book.  And tea.  And early to bed.
G'night friends!

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Sequin Mini

I am loving this look - it's so beautiful and well-styled, YET it's not over-the-top.  The few hits of casual make it totally wearable and it could be even more-so with loose, wavy hair, ballet flats and no jewelry.  I used this photo as inspiration to compile some other great looks based around the sequin mini...
I'm off to deliver an order and get a LARGE latte to haul me through the afternoon of painting ahead of me - can't wait!  Today I'm feeling super appreciative that I am doing the things I love to do. 
Happy Friday to ya'll!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Collage Project Lives On...

Another custom collage... I'm a little behind on posting pics of this one since it walked out the door a couple of weeks ago already.  The words were chosen by the family who ordered the piece - we may add a few more words, along with the names of the kiddos in the fam, but you get the idea!
Bit of sewing going on today in between the drying layers of paint.  I'll have to post some pics of the fun pillows that are on the docket, and the cute chair they're being made for... and maybe the cute and fun girl they're being made for too. Ha.
Does anyone else feel like the week just disappeared?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love Day Baby-Cakes

Even though it's a totally cute idea, I've never really gotten into the Valentine's Day thing in the traditional way... it's all about giving the friends and fam a little extra love for me.  Although I must say that I do like that my Pa still gets my sister and I a lil' somethin' and any excuse to eat cinnamon flavored candy is a "win" in my books.  I'm also in favor of any occasion that warrants baking and decorating cupcakes.  Yum.  I've made some far more impressive birthday and Halloween themed mini-cakes, but in the spirit of respecting the season, pics of the V-day cupcakes instead : )
What are your Valentine's Day traditions?   Ohh, or do you just think it's totally ridiculous?  Ha ha.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vacation Inspired: KAGE


These vacay-style pics from a KAGE shoot make me oh-so-excited for my own little beachy excursion to my gal Jenna's wedding in March.  The countdown to Punta Cana is on - 6.5 weeks to go.  For now, I'll spend some quality day dream time on billowy dresses and cute bathing suits...
*happy sigh*
Typical Tuesday around here: homework, afternoon photo gig, yoga class, wine & giggles with Jenna-Loo.
I kinda do like Tuesdays, what with their grand finales.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekender: Go Panthers!

I didn't take a single photo this weekend... odd.  Actually, the weekend was maybe unusual in a few ways - between avoiding the work projects and the amount of time spent on my butt in front of the t.v. (weird!).  
Friday evening was spent sippin' coffee and watching a good girly friend's little guy play hockey.  I must say, that was about the cutest game of hockey I've seen!  We followed that up with snacks and Dirty Dancing ... with lottsa chat during commercial breaks.  Totally and completely relaxing.
Saturday saw some coffee, painting and gym time.  The usual sorts of Saturday bits, topped off with a glass of wine accompanied by parts of Step Brothers and SNL.  Wow.  Could this story get any lazier?
I think ya'll know what happened Sunday.  I won't claim to actually have *watched* the Super Bowl - but I did get to a party and have a great time with friends.  The joke was that I was cheering for "Football" (in general, not any specific team).  So obviously I won last night, you can't lose when you cheer for the entire sport - unless an NBA team takes the field.  Honestly, I have put in good efforts to understand football in the past... if several seasons of NBC's Friday Night Lights counts.  Okay, maybe I watched FNL more or less because I have a t.v. crush on Tim Riggins' character (Taylor Kitsch).
Totally a lost cause, hey?!  
Okay, time to get the Monday moving along... painting, pillows, and unanswered messages from an entirely work-free and offline weekend.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Pastels for the In-Between

1. Kimchi Blue Velvet Bow Clutch - Urban Outfitters
2.  Slouchy Beret - Polyvore
3.  Edun Printed Ruffled Mini Skirt - Polyvore
4.  Button Rouge Tank - Modcloth
5.  Cherish the Thought Top - Modcloth
6.  Leaf Cluster Necklace - Polyvore
7.  Gray Tights - Polyvore
8.  Gray Suede Jacket - Polyvore
9.  Gold Rose Ring - Polyvore
10.  All for the Love Top - Modcloth
11.  Chapman Suede Ankle Boot - Polyvore

I totally feel my spring-time infatuation with pastels coming on... trying to hold off, but I'm just so ready for light dresses and pretty skirts.  *Sigh*  For now, I'll settle for thinking about the transition - that means the best of both worlds: layers AND pastels.  Doesn't get any better for February, I've gotta say.  Layer-up some of the spring time tops underneath a leather jacket, throw on some textured tights, a cozy hat and you really do have a great look for the icky in-between months.  Now, to steer clear of the mud and slop in those darling lil' ankle boots...
Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I've added more photos to the Portfolio page - check 'em out here.
Nighty night!

Carousel Dream

Carousel at Sacre Coeur in Paris - Fine Art Photograph - BOGO
A pretty pic from Honey Tree Photography for the mid-week... pastels and flighty birds only make me crave spring more. 
I'm off to Bloom soon, for the usual Wednesday-ness.  I'm hearing rumors of new stock arriving today - opening the mail there is always fun, can't wait to see what goods Meg ordered this time!
Until then... homework with a side of peanut butter toast it is.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Painted House



I do have a "thing" for cute houses... I live in one afterall (below).  It seems that I am always on the lookout for other sweet, and preferably old homes.  There's something about that kind of character that makes me want to know the story behind any given hunk of wood and brick.  There has been talk around here of painting the house this summer.  I must say, I am a little leery of straying from the oh-so recognizable yellow.  It works with my hammocks and my gardening habits, and gives the porch a pretty tropical feel during happy hour : )  Who doesn't want to be surrounded by ferns, palms and citrus colors when they're enjoying a mojito?  The other combos that I could potentially be okay with are gray/yellow/black or gray/red/white.  But.  BUT.  Ya know what I mean?  I'm not convinced.
Homework bound, afternoon with Jamie, yoga, The End.  
(Notice that coffee did not make the to-do list?  Sad.)
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