Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yellena James

Relish - Print

Flutter - Print

Maybe - Print

Allusion - Print

I found these pretty and inspiring drawings in the Etsy shop of one Yellena James.  You can check out more work by this talented artist here and visit her blog for more info and photos.  As it turns out, some of her artwork was recently featured on ABC's Modern Family (who doesn't love that show?!).  Pretty incredible, if you ask me - I can't even decide on a favorite piece.
Tuesday looks like a little sanding, staining, drying and repeat... follow that up with some homework and then my usual Tuesday afternoon gig.  I am super in love with Tuesday evenings because it means a great yoga class and some quality girl time... all in the comfort of spandex.  Does it get any better?  Ha.


Heidi said...

I love these. I found them a while back and think they are just gorgeous!

Golden sapphire said...

These are lovely