Monday, January 31, 2011

The Weekender

Monday, Monday ya'll.  So far, mine has been all about catching up on emails, cleaning and errands.  The weekend was spent stateside, shopping and shopping some more.  The pics above are of some of the goodies I picked up.  The number one thing on my shopping list was a new pair of running shoes, since I officially killed my others (we're talking wore right through them).  The pair of sneakers I ended up choosing are Asics Speedstar 5 - they are SO light, it's like wearing a cushy pair of socks.  Can't wait to try 'em out at the gym tonight!  The gym bag was a steal from Old Navy, and I think if my purse could talk it would thank me for no longer having to lug sweaty shoes around - haha.  Another steal, this clutch is from Wet Seal.  I love all the zippers and compartments inside - perfect for a wallet pack rat like me.
In other news... I am attempting to last until at least Thursday without coffee.  Why?  Frankly, at this point in the day I DO NOT KNOW what I was thinking when I decided this.  I have been having serious issues sleeping lately, so this is an attempt to remedy the wide awake nights.  Really, I'm secretly hoping it doesn't help because I just do miss my noon hour latte right now.  Wish me luck - and if anyone else out there has any BETTER ideas, please, please do fill me in!
Back to it.


K said...

I've done the same thing with coffee, and actually because of wakeful nights too. I find that having a hot cup of something is enough of a distraction from not having coffee that you don't miss it *as* much. I settled for tea, although I know that still has some caffeine.

That bag is FABULOUS! And those shoes look so nice, I wish the sexy sockstyle runners were built with arch support I need so I could buy them! Can't wait to hear about how comfy they are :)

Kari said...

Ohhh Kaeleigh, I missed coffee SO much today. Weird because I usually just have a latte or a cup of reg at lunch... I'm only an over-doer on the weekends. Ugh. Maybe I will try decaf tea tomorrow.
And I swear, those shoes made me faster :) They are awesome - it felt like I was barefoot! Yahoo!
Have a good night (and a good sleep - haha :)

K said...

I would LOVE shoes that make me faster! I'll have to consult my athletic therapist about them, haha.

Yeah, coffee's an experience, not just a hot cup of something; moving away from that routine is HARD! I hope it pays off for you and YOU have a good sleep :)

Carmelle said...

Oh! Love that bag. The color. My favorite. I had in in my hands at Old Navy and the part of me that talks myself out of everything put it back down...because I didn't "need" it afterall...sheesh!

Carmelle said...
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Kari said...

Ohhh Carmelle - nothing worse than shopping regrets lol. I couldn't say 'no'... it was on sale for $13. Too cheaps to pass-up!
See ya around pretty gal :)