Monday, January 24, 2011

The Weekender

Well that was a lazy sort of weekend, some outings to the gym aside.  Saturday turned into a spontaneous Winnipeg trip when I got an email about a 40% off sale at my favorite art supply store... throw in some Starbucks, sushi and a new pair of summery pants and it was a successful excursion!  If I really worked the tunnel vision I could even kinda pretend there wasn't snow and enjoy that sunny drive, iTunes blaring.
Sunday, oh Sunday.  There was a visit with some of my favorite lil ladies, Miss Ariel, Miss Amilia and Joycie... followed by a walk home, the (extra) long way around.  I topped the day off with a late supper of wine & appies, some work on Linda's collage and a little homework in bed.  Nice.
Today is more work on Linda's collage - I'll finish the wording today and top-coat the piece... then all that's left is to stain the frame.  There seems to be a lot of waiting and watching for glue, ink and color to dry in my life!  
(You will notice that I am indeed ON the collage, ON the table in these photos).
Sigh of relief for the last week of January... Ew.


K said...

There was an art sale and I wasn't informed?? Sad times! haha. Which store?
I too am thankful for the last week in January. February is just a slip n' slide into spring :D

Kari said...

You can still make it Kaeleigh, although it's a little picked-over - Artist's Emporium on St. James... I think it goes until next weekend. Sketchbooks and some brands of paint and brushes were 40% off. Good luck ma lady :)

K said...

Aw nuts, I didn't see this until now...oh well, my disposable income just got removed with the loss of my job, so I'll have to settle for the sketchbooks I have now. New brushes would've been sweet though, darn!

Golden sapphire said...

40% off always sounds like a good time to shop!