Friday, January 28, 2011

Sarah 101


Um.  HGTV's Sarah 101 has converted me from being a dodgey t.v. watcher, into that person who can hardly wait a week between episodes.  It's ridiculous.  Sarah Richardson, I am your slave.  You can catch what you've missed here... but fair warning - you will be hooked.
The loft bedroom that she made-over this week was already perfection before she touched it - the most impeccable industrial space.  I love most of what she did - the antique rug, re-upholstered wingback chair, the over-sized vintage ladder (wow)... Personally, I would've played less on the primary colors and maybe, just maybe I would have had the entire bed frame done in leather and used that gorgeous fabric elsewhere.  I know she was calling it 'dragon' motif... but it reads floral to me, and this is a man-cave bedroom after all.  All of this nattering, ya know, in my totally unprofessional opinion.  Ha.
This morning I said goodbye to the big ole collage and delivered it to a very excited Linda : )  I think it's back to the paints for me now, just to switch it up a bit.  And oy, get back to those dresses too hey?!  Yup.
For now, happy weekend everyone!
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allison said...

omg - so this is my brothers friends place!!!
it is such an amazing place. and she has such a great show!

K said...

THAT is a man cave?! Oh my...well, to each his own, but I'm not sure that's very dude-ish.
But still, gorgeous. I love Sarah Richardson too; that farmhouse she did....ohhhhhhhh man, I want that.

katie said...

It really reminds me of a modern take on some of the bedrooms at versailles.

love the exposed wood ceiling and brick walls!

Kari said...

Love the Sarah! That farmhouse reno was KILLER! I would lovelovelove to live in that house... I've watched every ep of that season at least twice :) Addicted.