Monday, January 10, 2011

Miles of Open Road Ruffle Top - Ruche
Leather & Stone Tribal Necklace - Urban Outfitters
I.D. Holder Key Chain Wallet - Urban Outfitters
Kimchi Blue Perforated Heel - Urban Outfitters
Miscellaneous - Polyvore

Sometimes it's hard to feel inspired by the wardrobe in January.  If you're like me, your mind has already moved on to pretty spring colors and airy little dresses... but, we're just not quite there yet.  For these in-between months, I love greys with pretty accessories, warm sweaters and soft leather.  I'm going to try to enjoy keeping cozy and a wee bit neutral for a couple more months and I'll try not to get ahead of myself wishing away this chilly season.  No promises.
I had a great morning coffee date with my lady Jami and her sweet lil' boy, Cruz - thanks guys!  Then it was on to some planning for another BIG ole collage (and yes, pics of the first two soon) and now to get my head outta the closet and back to work mode.  
We'll call that Monday.

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