Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Flower Garlands

Vintage Carnival Fabric Flower Garland - 6 fabric flowers

Fabric Flower Party Pack

Fabric Flower Cake Toppers

I came across these garlands on the Mixed Plate blog and had to join in on passing along some love for these sweet blooms from Pretty Swell.  
These photos are well staged and make me crave spring... and hmm, cupcakes too (yes, even chalk drawings can make me hungry).  Apparently I am on a baking kick this week - cookies yesterday and tiny cakes today.  Hey, no occasion necessary, icing is for always.
Enjoy your Wednesday, world.
--- And thank-you, thank-you for your patience... I've started in on the photos for the Painting & Drawing page.  There will be more, but it's a solid start.  Next up, photos to the Portfolio page, coming soon! ---

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Golden sapphire said...

What flavor were the tiny cakes?