Monday, January 17, 2011

Blue Skies, Red Trees, Green Grass

Red Trees
Acrylic on canvas
48"w x 36"h x 3"d

Ha ha, for a girl who likes to be creative, I sure don't get wild with the names for my pieces... something to work on!  I finished this piece *just* before Christmas.  It was one of those that I struggled to get going on, but when it started happening it was a non-stop painting marathon.  Now I'm left wanting to paint more trees... and maybe I will find the time to sneak some of that in this week.  That would make me happy.
Today is the first day of my new and totally self-inflicted "schedule."  Yeah.  We'll see how that goes.  Hopefully I stick to it.  That would mean M/TH/F for Dove Tree projects and T/W for course work and the part time gigs.  I am going to put efforts into leaving evenings and weekends for gym time, yoga, friendly friends and family.
I'm kinda addicted to odd hours so we'll see, we'll see.
--- OH, and I am slowly getting photos prepped and uploaded for the "Painting" page... it's next in line.  For now, check out the photos in "Workspace" if you're interested.


K said...

Beautiful trees! :)

Kari said...

Thank you Miss K ;)