Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Wonderland

The weekend was good fun - a Christmas party, a birthday party (Happy 85th G'ma D!), and a Sunday afternoon of hot chocolate and the first round of gift wrapping.  I topped the weekend off last night with a glass of wine and the black and white version of It's A Wonderful Life.  Good.
December is down one weekend and now I'm feelin' it... well, I'm feeling the hustle at least!  There are SO MANY projects to finish and things to do in the next two weeks.  I've made myself a bit of a deal (more on this later) and it involves a self-imposed deadline of December 17th for a whole lotta work.  Don't worry, there's a reward involved too.
First, a battle with some stain that is just not doing it for me, then the run-around and back to the art projects. (I really do need to make sure to find some caffeine in there, don't you think?!)
--- More peeks at the holiday decor around the house & home coming up... we'll call this photo an appetizer ;)


erika said...

i love your home deco so much so much!! I think i need the scoop on that painting? did you do that one Kari?? and the feather tree, adorable!

MaryRobinBobbin said...

ha! love the feather tree. totes cute!

Kari said...

Thanks ladies! I do love feathery things, hehe.

Miss E! That beast of a piece of art is actually a collage I put together with lyrics written by a friend - you can check it out at Christmas time :)