Monday, December 27, 2010

Give & Take

My all-time favorite thing to give and receive, without a doubt, is books.  Always, and since forever.  I was a total bookworm as a child... still am, when I can find the time.  Someday I will have enough books to warrant a big ole Restoration Hardware bookshelf.  Ohhh, maybe one with a sliding ladder - there's a childhood fantasy that's within the realm of possibility.  
Here's a list of the pretty books I got for Christmas this year:

-Interiors by Yoo (Good work Blakey)
-100 Years of Fashion Illustration (Soooo happy to find this one under the tree - Thanks Gramma)
-The Party Dress Book (Nicey nicey Kimmer)

I also just finished reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson so my Chapters/Indigo gift cards will be going towards picking up the other two books in that trilogy.  There's a yummy looking vegetarian cookbook that I've got my eye on too.  I will have to take myself on a little self-date in early January - a trip into the city for a day of coffee and book shopping.  Perfect way to relax after the busyness of the holidays.
Tuesday will be kinda back to normal.  Sorta.  Gathering number five happens at supper, but the Tuesday afternoon routine is back to the usual photo gig.  I've really been feeling the need for a few days to relax with no agenda.  I think I need to get some time to myself to refresh the creativity and to plot my next moves.  Ha, I sound like an evil cartoon character.  It's much more basic than that, but there is definitely a plan needed.  I guess that's what the whole new year thing is supposed to be about... right?!


sandra Kafka said...

amazing! I hope the new year and book self date goes wonderfully. I loved my gift basket!

Kari said...

Thanks Sandra! And I'm so happy that you enjoyed your giveaway prize :)

K said...

Books are definitely a present win. I got six (although since three of them are combo books, technically I got eleven), and can't wait to get into them! Although mine are fiction, not fashion ;) I'm thinking your shop might see the inspirations coming out of your presents!