Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fine, Feathered & Fancy 2

Two down.  There's more dresses cut and prepped... and sitting beside my sewing machine.  The sewing projects have taken a backseat to the art lately - which is totally good with me.  I like the variety and the way that I miss one creative outlet when I'm busy with the other.
As for these two dresses, I think they will end up in my shop sooner than later.
Sunday will be a bit of relaxing, a bit of brainstorming on the current painting situation and maybe a bit of Christmas baking... or some other form of festive fun.


hollysarah said...

wow Kari, these dresses are *so* beautiful. It must to hard to part with them! Very pretty photos, too!

K said...

So pretty!! I'll definitely be keeping an eye on them in your shop...maybe ordering could i keep my hands off them?!

Kari said...

thanks so much girls - it means a lot that two ladies with great personal style like what I'm making :)