Thursday, December 9, 2010

Deckin' the Halls

I have too many pics of the holiday decor around here, so the tree is getting its very own post.  These are just a few shots from the living room... it's the only room that got dressed up for the season this year.  It looks like this: vases of ornaments, bay leaf garlands and wreathes, and random sequined beauties strewn about.  It's not too fussy, but its definitely coordinated and blends right in with the decor items that stay all year long.  
So.  I have been internet-less for days and days.  Ahem, thank-you neighbors for the too-tough-to-crack security keys.  Kidding.  Rest assured, I do not have those sorts of skills - but if I did, I would be seriously tempted right now.  It's a pretty strange existence when most of what you do relies on being online for hours a day doing one thing or another.  To all of you wonderful people that I have been out of touch with, or who are awaiting a response - please bear with me!  I *hope* to be back to business as usual before the weekend.  
Please, please, pretty please help me internet fairies!
That makes tonight a good night to prep a canvas that's getting attacked this weekend.  Friday is the day to make second attempts at photographing a very sweet (and hopefully sleeping ;) baby boy.  It's also the day to get moving on a last Christmas order and it just may be the day to also photograph a couple of holiday dresses and ah, who knows, throw in an escape to the gym at some point.

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