Thursday, December 30, 2010


Back in August, Elsie of A Beautiful Mess, issued a challenge to set and meet 4 Simple Goals before the end of 2010.  Here's a look at my goals and how I fared:

1.  Plan another trip.
There's nothing definite nailed down here - but a few possibilities floating around and two that are likely to happen this year.  The first being a trip to Dominican for my gal J's wedding.  This is still a "maybe" but close to a "ticket please."  The second is looking like another European go in fall... probably an Italy/Greece combo.  Fingers crossed on both of these because it's been too long since the passport has been swiped!

2.  Give my workspace a makeover.
Done and done.

3.  Paint and draw just for fun and agenda-free.
I've done alright with this one, probably better in fall when I could take the sketchbook outdoors and enjoy some downtime in the sun.  I did make a collage piece just for kicks and some paintings and drawings for the workspace... so all-in-all, I guess this one was a success.

4.  Do what I love to do.
This gets a definite check mark.  Aside from a couple of part time gigs, I am otherwise full time into the art and sewing - and totally loving it.  The only downer on this one is that I need to work on my organizational skills and time management... as in, maybe less late night work and more daylight work?!  Not totally sure yet, but I need to figure it out since I'm starting up with the coursework again at the end of the month and need to squeeze that in somewhere too.  (I think I'll try to sort this out a bit for my New Year's goals).

How did ya'll do with your 2010 goals, simple or otherwise?


Tara Wyton Photography said...

ohhhh, Italy/Greece! Sounds most delightful! My cousin Tracey is a Photographer and she does a photo tour through Italy every year..(with a bunch of random people) AMAZING!! So much of the world to see, isn't there??

Kari said...

That sounds like a wonderful thing to do every year! I wish :)
You're right, there is SO much out there to explore - I can't ever get enough!