Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Show Your Stripes

1. Marine One Green Toggle Coat - Ruche
2. Cube Necklace - Polyvore
3. Filigree Ring - Polyvore
4. Gray Tights - Polyvore
5. Earn Your Stripes Dress - Ruche
6. 'Randy' Riding Boot - Ruche
7. Glasses - Polyvore
8. Messenger Bag - Polyvore

Just a quick little wardrobe inspiration for Wednesday... 
I'm off to Bloom for the afternoon - check in for photos of their giftware soon!


Meg said...

If you show up to work wearing this, I will be seriously underdressed! :) Hah. I'll send you out with the store CC and set you shopping for ME, wardrobe Master!

Kari said...

No stripes, but a serious combo of leggings, thigh high socks and boots ;) Ha ha, you're stuck with me.