Friday, November 5, 2010

November Hang-Up

 Here I am, swinging away on the porch, happy as can be in the sunshine.  Pretty proud of myself for pulling out the hammock in November.  It's had a few outings this week, after already having stashed it away for winter last week.  Hopefully November has a few more lovely days stored up for me before... I can't even say it.  Yick.
I'll soon be off to pick up a friend for lunch - or, brunch I guess, since we're eating all delicious breakfast foods and pounding back the coffee.  Mmm, can't wait!  
After that it's back to paint-landia with me, where I've been residing all week.  Good things are happening and pieces are heading out the door - bittersweet, but at least I can visit a couple of them.  I will share a few shots of the painting headed to Bloom, but probably not until later in the weekend.
Happy Friday!


Amanda Barkey said...

mmmmmm breakfast... i could eat breakfast for all three meals of the day & ive been on a detox for 18 days so far so no sugar, starch, fat for me.... all great components of breakfast...oh yeah and no coffee. boo. enjoy the sunshine while you can lady! looking forward to seeing more of your fabulous creations!!!

Kari said...

Amanda! That sounds like PURE torture ;) I would never make it 18 days with out a little sweetness or OH MY, coffee.
You enjoy your weekend - I'm sure your beautiful weather far, far out-does ours!