Friday, November 12, 2010

Jack & Ruby Photography...

Girls Are A Girl's Best Friend Photoshoot.

Back in July, Meg and I were lucky enough to get to spend the day with a couple of brilliant ladies, Kara and Becky, that are the masterminds behind Jack and Ruby Photography.  I did a bit of a post back then with a few photos that you can check out here.  BUT now, the girls have unleashed the rest of the shoot on their blog and if you are into big, cheesy open-mouthed smiles, then please do check out the slideshow here.  I think that we should forward these pictures to our dentists and orthodontists, there seems to be much toothy grinning in these pics - probably because we had such a great and very fun day.
Thanks again Becky and Kara - you gals are just so great at what you do!
(And I keep talking about Megan, and her shop and flowery life, so maybe it's about time I shared some photographic proof that she really does exist.  Here she is people, in color... and well, black and white too.)

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