Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall Mix-Up

1. Moss Appeal Jacket - ModCloth 
4. Lines of Floral Sunshine Dress - Ruche
5. In Love Red Plaid Handbag - Ruche
6. Antoine Watcheau Necklace - ModCloth
7. Kawaii Crochet Over the Knee Socks - Ruche

...Just a little wardrobe inspiration for the week.  I'm loving ModCloth and Ruche to pieces these days and trying desperately not to spend all my cash money before Christmas shopping begins.  It's hard though, let me tell you.  And really you always need a couple cute dresses for the holiday season... right?! Ha.
I'm spending today with my wee gal pal, Ariel.  It's 'Career Day' for the highschool kiddos and so she is my shadow for the day - and obviously we are being totally productive (ahem, in case her Career Ed. teacher is reading this).  We're moving on from blogging to some photo editing now, probably followed promptly by another coffee break ;)


whileshedreams said...

you really do have fabulous style dear - i love all of it! i'm especially drooling over the ruche dress & that mod cloth coat, yum. i wish i had a shopping buddy like you!


Kari said...

Ohhh my, I would love a good shopping trip too! Haha, I think we could do some serious damage ;)
Take care, Heather!

Amanda Barkey said...

gorge. love the boots and the scarf too!