Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bloom... The Wares.

The above photos showcase only some of the many beautiful gift and home decor items that are for sale at Bloom.  There is a great selection of faux grasses, succulents and silks... you know, for those who like their pretties to last for an extremely looong time.  There's also everything from decorative plates and glassware to wall art and seasonal goodies.  
My personal favorite is the line of Pacifica soy candles, soaps and perfumes.  They smell wonderful and exactly like what the labels says they will smell like - rare.  Aside from that, they are so beautifully presented that you'll hardly want to part with the pretty packaging!
Meg and I had a great Wednesday afternoon chatting with customers and playing with flowers - what a sweet way to spend the days!  I'm just so happy for Megan and her family, and yeah, I'm proud of her too.  She is living her dream and I think that takes a lot of sacrifice and determination.  Love it.
(Yes, there are still MORE pics to come next week... the store space and perhaps a little holiday sneak peek too.  I was a wee bit snap-happy with the camera on Monday morning.)


hollysarah said...

great photos!
I am very tempted to pick up some of the silk orchids... (I always end up killing the real ones...shh) I'm also eyeing up the green glassware! I think Bloom will be a regular shop stop for me.

Kari said...

The orchids are gorgeous, Holly! My mama picked up the white one and it looks SO real! (without the stress of keeping an orchid alive :)
Thanks for your comment lovely lady!

K said...

Now I'll have to make a trip just to go see the store! I love the glassware :)

Kari said...

It's worth a trip Kaeleigh... get yo mama and your sissy-poo involved too - girly outing ;)