Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bloom Art

I did decide to keep the last field of flowers painting and instead did up this similar one for Meg's shop... it's 48" x 36" on a 2 1/2" deep canvas.  This version is detailed and it's definitely more textural.  The palette is mellowed out and the colors are all knocked back so that it's a good fit for Bloom's interior (for as long as that's home).  
You will likely see this painting in more photos very soon since Bloom is opening for business Monday, November 8th.  Yahoo!  I will be there bright and early before the shop opens to snap some photos of everything in its state of perfection... and believe me, it is looking quite perfect in there.  I told the Pegster I might take up permanent residence on the office couch, I just want to be around the prettiness all the time.  As is, you'll find me there on Wednesdays... which I guess will get me my fill of flowers and gifts.
More on Bloom soon!
As for this weekend - it is GORGEOUS out and I'm taking advantage again today.  Sunday will start off with my new favorite version of a London Fog, with gingerbread tea and a cinnamon flavor shot.  This will be followed by a repeat performance of yesterday, meaning that I'll soon be off for walks, park naps and country drives...


K said...

That's a gorgeous painting! Do you paint from imagination, or from photos?
I can't wait to see shots of the new store! Congrats, Megan :)

BTW: If you're near a Second Cup before Christmas, try out their holiday London Fog, it's fabulous!

Kari said...

Kaeleigh - I like to do a bit of both... I usually find that something inspires a piece and it might be a photo or just a certain color palette that gets the imagination going.
---And I will keep Second Cup in mind next time I'm in Wpg! Their London Fog sounds like a good companion for holiday shopping :)