Monday, November 22, 2010

Black & Blue... (and Green)

Holiday Party Dresses from ModCloth

1. Make a Point Dress
2. City of Emeralds Dress
3. More Than Just Romance Dress
4. Fondly Yours Dress
5. Seneca Falls Dress
6. Lady Jane Dress

Just a few of the many great holiday wearables from ModCloth.  I'll definitely be posting more.  My favorites tend to be the golden girl dresses, and since there will be plenty of my take coming, I decided to start it off with the more classic holiday party looks.  I will also put together an entire party outfit plan (shoes and accessories to boot) to post as well.  Dressing up for the holidays is definitely one of the reasons I love this season.  
Today is catch-up day for me.  There are so many projects near completion and ohhh my, so many just started.  It's time to tie up some loose ends and get a few more pieces of art out the door.  Otherwise, it's goodbye to the sister today (sigh), after a short visit under less than ideal circumstances...  Hmm, and I've got some baking to do for a friend's baby shower tonight.
Crazy busy Monday, and go!


hollysarah said...

ModCloth is so amazing. #5 is my favorite out of that bunch. *pretty!*

Meg said...

Oh my. Can I have one of each of these lovelies?! Can you say Grand Opening perfect?! So good. Rock it out this week girl, can't wait to see the goodies you bring. xo.

Kari said...

I'm with you on #5 Holly - although I found some other beauties on their site that I'm totally infatuated with... I'll post 'em soon (and maybe have to buy one too ;)

Kari said...

And PEG. Is the G.O. dress-up? Yahooooo! Now I'm even more excited, you know I love a good dress-up ;)

Amanda Barkey said...

i heart number 6