Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Before the Snow Flies

 Livingston Nature Park (Morden)

Morden Park

Morden Civic Centre

Here are my favorites of the photos that I took on my outing last week Tuesday.  I'm torn on my absolute favorite: either one of the sedum shots or the landscape photo of the creek?!  It was a totally grey sky day and it felt like the snow was about to fall at any second.  Luckily it stayed away - although looking outside now, it's hard to believe this was only a week ago.  The challenge for Jamie and I was to find some local beauty to photograph on a day that was just really kinda ugly.  The overcast skies did provide the perfect light and I think we did a good job of finding some pretty in the world on such a day.   I'm looking forward to photographing the winter wonderland out there with Jamie next week, and I can't wait to see how her shots from these locations turned out.

This morning is about getting things organized, making lists and deciding what the course of action will be for now until, well, maybe just for the week...  I think that's about the extent of my 'long-term' planning skills.  So, I'll go with it.  There is a stack of half-cut holiday dresses to  address, finishing touches and staining frames for two collages, planning for two more paintings and, and, and... Oh my.

Coffee required.


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