Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pre-Thanks Thursday.

...Just a peek at how things are looking around here these days.  This year I am refusing to rake until every last leaf has fallen.  I will say it's because I don't want to have to do it 3 times (like last year), but it's really because I love how it looks and the crunchy sound my shoes make all the way up and down the driveway.  (I'm also easily distracted by bright lights and shiny objects.)
Thanksgiving is looming and with it comes the mayhem of trying to fit in as many of the (SIX) gatherings as possible.  Oy.  Love you people, but I'm in pain at the thought of all that food.  Maybe I could just load up on one Thanksgiving item per gathering and by the end of the weekend that would be the equivalent of one huge meal?!  Hmm.
Good news is that sister and sister's boyfriend will be around for the long weekend.  Spending time with Kimmy Neutron takes priority over all the other muddle of the weekend, because I sure do love that sister of mine!  She is cute as a button.
Today I will finish one or more of the skirts that are cut and pressed and waiting to be put together... possibly visit the G'ma and G'pa with sister... make it to a 1:30 meeting... and, and, and.  Yeah, the list is long, so here I go!


Meg said...

hahahah. My favorite is the "Distracted by shiny objects" so true. :)
Loooovely pics dear friend. Happy thanks weekend. Glad I can be cheesy thanksful for you dear friend :)


Kari said...

Yup, you know me :) And I've got thanks (and cheese) for you too love!