Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oh, to be a Yogi

Sooo, tonight I made my first attempt at an actual yoga class (vs. Rodney Yee and I in my living room).  And I LOVED IT.  Great instructor, great pace, great group of spandex-clad ladies to chat with.  The only issue remaining is my struggle with sweating in hundred dollar pants.  It just seems wrong, even if that is exactly what they're made for.  Am I the only one with this hang-up?  Everyone else seems perfectly content to become more bend-y in their pricey pantaloons.  Geez.  
Here's my fav pair for yoga:  Lululemon's Gather & Crow Crop (first picture above). They fit more snugly than most and have a great drawstring at the bottom, ya know, just in case you wanna hike 'em up a bit.  Now if I can get over this little mental hurdle, I would also like to add the Run Fast Crop (second picture) to my workout gear.  I love everything about them and I'm pretty sure they would make me run faster :)  And, really, it is getting too cold to be trotting around town in the shorts.
G'night, off to dream-land I go.

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