Wednesday, October 27, 2010

London Fog

Usually I am attracted to 'one-off' teacups/saucers... the lonely ones that sit in thrift stores, passed over for being singletons.  Most of my collection are hand-painted and signed or authenticated, but occasionally I fall in love with something a little more mass-produced.  I kind of happened on the set in the photo above.  I snagged up the cups and saucers because they reminded me of a set my Grandma has... then, I was back at the same thrift shop several months later and couldn't believe it when I found the matching plates and bowls.  All in all, 16 pieces of china for somewhere in the neighbourhood of four dollars.  Sometimes it's just meant to be.
Today is another grey sky, soggy kind of day.  It's making me think tea, for sure.  Inspired by my gal, Meg, I'm gonna make it a London Fog today though.  
Here's my take on it:

London Fog
2 Earl Grey tea bags (or loose black tea w/infuser)
1 cup hot water
1/4 cup vanilla flavoured syrup
1 cup steamed skim milk
Boil or heat the water and pour it over the tea in a mug.  Let it steep while you steam the milk (I use the steamer on my espresso maker, but I'm sure this works the old fashioned way too).  Remove the tea bags, add the shot of syrup and the steamed milk.  Stir and top with remaining milk foam.  
(Some people prefer the mix to be stronger on the tea, in which case you could use 1 1/2 cups of tea and 1/2 cup steamed milk.)

I've never strayed from the original take, but I'm sure you could come up with some delicious alternatives using other flavours of syrup and tea.  Maybe gingerbread flavour with a dash of cinnamon on the foam?  Mmm.
Such a super cozy fall beverage.  


Amanda Barkey said...

oh my gosh, im not even kidding this is what im drinking right this second. how weird is that? good call lil lady!

Miss Katie said...

You'll have to try a bombay fog! Same recipe but substitute the earl grey for a chai tea bag and the vanilla syrup for cinnamon. It's very tasty...

That being said, I'm enjoying an egg nog latte right now. Yum. :)

Kari said...

That sounds delish, Katie! I will have to try that next time.

Miss Katie said...

Oh ya! I found this site:

I'm hiding my credit card.

Kari said...

Isn't that site beautiful - I tried to resist, but it's just too pretty!

Kari said...

...And their Fall Look Book is just gorgeous... ohhh, it's trouble for sure!