Friday, October 1, 2010

The Joy Formidable

Here's a tune I've been revisiting this week... For some reason I love the video.  Maybe it's because I think Ritzy Bryan is just so cute in it.  She has nailed that Brit Rock look that is so different than my own (and that I could never ever pull-off).  Oh, that hair.
Once again, the project I was working on morphed on me and became something totally different.  Yesterday's tutu-inspired skirt is complete... and has no resemblance to a tutu other than it is super mini and involves some tulle.  BUT, it's better.  I changed the whole plan, piece by piece as I went along.  Now it's soft, pretty and more aligned with the vintage-inspired look that I alwaysalwaysalways return to.  Pics soon.  
My sunny hammock + sketchbook break yesterday turned out to be productive (perhaps because I left the mojito out of the scene).  I drew a new design for a mini.  If it all works out, it will appear in my shop in several colors - still one-off since each skirt will include vintage lace.  
So Friday will include some more cut, cut, sew.  I am looking forward to heading stateside with my lady, Meg, tomorrow though.  She will be opening a floral/gift boutique SOON and we've got some shop related errands to go on... as well as some wardrobe related ones.  Fun.

Happy Weekend!

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