Monday, October 4, 2010

Art & Errands

This is a piece I did on a rainy day a couple of weeks ago.  It will maybe go up in my house, or maybe in Megan's shop instead (too bright, Peg?).  There was absolutely no agenda here, except to have some good fun painting.  Pardon the funny angle of the photo.  The piece is acrylic on canvas and comes in at a hefty 48" x 36." 
This Monday will be known as Day of the Errands.  I've got a small truckload of art project supplies to pick up for a commission piece and what feels like a million other things to do before gettin' down to actual doing today.  But hey, it's got to get done before I can be productive anyway.  I think I'll be logging some serious online time tonight too, getting a bunch of stuff ready to post in my shop... which I really haven't been doing regularly since pre-wedding season (bridesmaid dress orders galore).  It's about time.
And I'm off.
--- OH, and a big HAPPY HAPPY shifty-fifth birthday to my Pa today!


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K said...

I super love this, the colours are fantastic! It really makes me want to go buy some acrylics and get cracking. Nice job :) I'm interested to hear about the commissioned piece, and the delicious new supplies!


Kari said...

Thanks girls!
Kaeleigh... I just may be persuaded to post on that piece when it's done. Stay tuned ;)