Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bird Brain.

And today.  The inner workings of my head-space.  Here's the breakdown:

-I miss summer.  I really, truly do love fall, but it's at that turning point where there just aren't any real bits of summer left.  Okay, honestly the problem is that my plants are officially done for the season - so my inner gardener is in mourning.
-I'm having an (external) identity crisis: blonde or redhead?  Haha!  Trivial, but I just can't decide which way to go, maybe a bit of both?  Or maybe I'll post pics and let people vote?!
-Newness = Nervousness, that's just the way I am.  This afternoon I'm starting a contract job working through a local agency to help one of their clients develop her skills as a photographer and to market her art.  And most importantly, we're going to have good fun running around taking pictures and enjoying the process.  I'm totally looking forward to it!  And whaddya know?  Now I've talked down my nerves.  Good then, carry on.
-I have two of four art projects prepped and ready to roll on the dining room table.  Now I need some inspiration... or excessive amounts of coffee.

It's a jungle up there...
Or perhaps a 'zoo' would be a better comparison.

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