Thursday, October 14, 2010

10 Funny Habits & Guilty Pleasures...

For today, I'm playin' along with Elsie.  Here's 10 of my (many) quirks:
1. Whenever I set the volume, temperature, etc, I will only set it to an even number or one ending in '5'.
2. I sing in my car.  And I mean, I really give 'er.  I am that lunatic you pull up next to at a red light who is just belting out whatever is on the iPod (never, never the radio).  I rarely sing outside my car and you should probably all be thankful for that.
3. I hate messes to the point that I can't function when things aren't clean.  BUT I love organized clutter.  A perfect example of this is my collection of books - they are stacked everywhere in my living room, but the stacks make sense (to me, at least).  

4. There's a guilty pleasure for ya: buying books.  Ugh.  I cannot stop, there is just something so great about a beautiful new book.  I realize there are many arguments to be made against purchasing books... libraries and e-books just don't do it for me.
5. Before I run, I always brush my teeth (can't explain this one) and make sure my shoes are tied to the same degree of tightness.  This is a process.  I actually get up, try them out and then re-tie them if they do not feel PERFECT.  
6. High heels.  I love them.  There is a rule around here that I'm not allowed to wear them out (apparently I am tall enough without)... soooo, sometimes I wear them around the house just to get my fill.  Sad.

7. I can't stand it if my car is dirty.  I don't care if every other car on the road is covered in mud, but you better believe I'm going slowly insane if my car is even dusty.  This is a tough one for me since I visit my parent's farm quite often.  I went to the car wash 3x last week (which I am not proud of).  And when I clean my car, it's the works - right down to the Armor All wipe-down of the interior and the tire foam... Oh my.
8. I don't know just how guilty these foods are, but I can't say 'no' to SUSHI (ever!), Thai food, peas, anything baked with cinnamon, the combination of appies and red wine.  

9. Things I always love and am drawn to... using my passport, lace, pearls, my front porch, puttering in the garden, dresses, boots, houses with attics, vintage and antiques, being outdoors and friends who like to laugh.

10. Most of the time I stay up way, way, way too late - especially if it's a beautiful day out (work after dark, right?!).  The only way to make up for the odd hours and lack of proper sleep is copious amounts of coffee.  Which is probably a serious enough guilty pleasure to be called #11.

There you have it.  Anyone else want to divulge?  It would really make me feel better if you did...


1dekorasyon said...

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K said...

I totally agree with buying books. I can't help it, and I'll never switch to e-books OR audiobooks. It's not the same. I'm sure nothing looks as silly as me pulling out an 800 page hardcover on the bus, but it's the best way to read.

I agree with the shoe-tying too...halfway through a run, if the tongue of the shoe isn't flat or something, it really throws off my stride. Call it picky, but they have to be tied right.

We had sushi for dinner tonight. Love it :D

Sarah @ Team Rhodes Weddings said...

Thanks for the comment on our blog! I'm with you! I LOVE SUSHI!! and I definitely never listen to the radio. :)

Autumn said...

Oh, I love your blog. I'm definitely a new follower!

Kari said...

Kaeleigh... ahhh yes, you make me feel slightly closer to normal :) Thanks lady friend!

Sarah - Thanks for taking a peek and leaving a note!

And Autumn! Welcome and thanks for following!