Friday, September 10, 2010


blue shorts - black tights

beige sweater - gray top - red top - black boots - gray thursday island socks -

I love the way the girls in the photos are wearing their shorts for fall.  Considering the temperatures lately, it definitely calls for some layering and I'm liking both of these takes on the trend.  The whole tights with shorts thing is maybe not a look for everyone, but piling the thermals and sweaters on top with shorts on the bottom is a pretty simple way to execute this too.  Personally, I'm typically not a huge fan of denim shorts, but I do love these alternative beauties:

Diane von furstenberg shorts LIGHT GREYMilly Belted satin shorts
Chloe lace shortsFloral Cord Shorts
Bird by Juicy Couture High-waisted wool shorts

It is absolutely POURING outside this morning, so I likely won't be going near shorts today... hopefully there will still be plenty of time for this before the dreaded snow arrives.  Ick.

Otherwise today, I am seriously watching paint dry - waiting (um, impatiently) for the last painting for the sewing/art space to be ready for framing.  Perhaps I should be more productive.  

Yoga, coffee, sewing, in that order.


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