Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Florence & The Machine

This song always puts me in a great mood, especially on a sunny day like today!  The first time I watched the video... I have to say, I thought it was a little bit too 'Gaga.'  BUT, it's grown on me since then, and I really do love the concept.  Video or no, this lady can sing.
Today is going to be good: The usual yoga, shipping and coffee, followed by a painting that needs finishing, a work-space makeover (that's well on the way) and hopefully I'll steal some time to go draw in a sunny spot outside.  Here I go!


--- OH, and congrats to Rachel D. who won the giveaway on Elsie's blog last week.  I'm shipping off the blush bow tie to her today...   
--- Check out my Chocolate Strapless Dress in this very edible Etsy Treasury... the curator did a great job!

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