Friday, September 17, 2010

Details, Details, Details.

Every little bit of fabric in my life now has a proper place - neatly stacked according to fabric type/purpose.  I can't even begin to describe the difference between the new system and the old one that had me searching through storage containers.  It's far easier to keep track of it all this way.

I picked up this little arrangement from Ikea a couple of years ago.  It's meant for kitchen use, but is a great way to house things like scissors, paintbrushes, tools, etc. 

Both of these prints are actually cards I received from my dear girl, Brooke, over the years.  I am especially in love with the one she called the 'Kari Fairy' because it reminded her of me - a bit of the sentimental factor there.

The wire baskets (PC) are home to things that don't stack well... lace, current projects, fabric ends...

Accent lighting from Ikea.

This mirror was a thrift find last summer - It just took a can of white spray paint to freshen it up.

Sketchbooks abound in this space... every size you can think off.  This one is a favorite by Gartner Studios.

This print and the next are both by Leah Duncan and came nestled in with the beautiful fabric that I ordered from her Etsy shop a while back.  I just love her work.  The frames are inexpensive Walmart finds that I sanded and painted in antique white.  After the frames dried, I took the sand paper to them again to give them an aged look.  I used the same technique on the frames for the larger artwork, but those frames were thrift finds from a few years back.

I guess I can officially cross #2 off the list of goals from Elsie's '4 Simple Goals' challenge that she posted back in August.  One down.  How are the rest of you bloggers/readers doing with the challenge?  I'm finding my 3rd and 4th goals hard to measure even though I'm working on them - maybe regular progress posts would help?!  I don't know.  And really, 1:00am is a bad time for me to start thinking about it!  Tomorrow.


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