Friday, August 6, 2010

One Good Reason to Look Forward to Fall:

objects in mirror tom flat brogue 5 eye 3 hook ankle boot TOM-VIN
Bess Trampers studded suede boots

…and fall fashion.  (Is that two reasons, or can I combine like terms here?)  The second I see fall adverts my thoughts become consumed with the upcoming season.  Not so much just for trends, but also for the change in weather, dress, pace and the coziness factor.  I guess that is maybe where the boots come in.  I do love boots in fall.  Let's be more specific, I love brown boots - the warmer the texture and color, the better.  So cozy.  Perhaps this feeling explains the over-population of boots in my entrance closet.  Maybe.  So, not that I am at all wishing away the summer heat, but the idea of a country walk with boot-clad feet and a pumpkin spice latte isn't totally depressing :)


PS - This is just fair warning that there will be many more posts about my obsession with fall fashion in the next few weeks, and I will definitely be sharing my favorite looks for the upcoming season!

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Anonymous said...

why didn't i know you were here?
consider yourself followed.
and yes, i'm taking the home ec course, i just had to do it. all i want is to be one of those people who knows how to sew :)