Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Midnight Rider

I started writing this post yesterday... then had to laugh at just how many bike posts and comments I came across (Holly & Katie, to name a couple).  We've all got bicycles on the brain!  

Here's my version.  

Name: Lola 
D.O.B.: 1925 
Color: Formerly 'Tomato' - currently 'Minty'
Needs: Whitewall tires, brake work
Loves: The new basket (perfect catch-all)

I've taken to riding my 85 year-old bike around town at all hours of the night this summer.  It's so perfectly quiet after midnight in this small town.  And I suppose the lack of traffic is also a perk, considering the sketchy brakes that come with an ancient ride like the Hercules.  All I can say is, if you see my bike headed your way, you would be wise to step aside (or suffer the damages incurred from the basket).  Just sayin'.


P.S. For all the biker-safety nuts out there, don't worry, I do have plans to get my G'pa to remedy the brake issue someday soon :)

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