Monday, August 16, 2010

Ron & Darcy

Just a couple of the hundreds of photos from Ron and Darcy's wedding on Saturday... There's lots more to come!  I'm just struggling to pick out my favs, because these people sure were easy to photograph.  The girls were especially gorgeous and everyone was having a great time with the photo shoot.  Ron has always had a killer smile, but I have never seen her happier than on her wedding day, wow, beautiful!  I gotta say, I'm totally glad that I caved and bought this giant beast of a couch, even though it's just been sitting in storage for months... waiting for me to find it a permanent place in my home.  This old thing totally got us off to a good start with the photos.  Can't wait to sort through the rest and post a few more.
P.S. - A BIG Happy 8th Anniversary to my gal, Jenny-Loo and her man, Ando!


Meg said...

YAYAYAY! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Oh man, can't wait to see the rest. The couch is KILLER! Great colors. Lucky Ron to pick from these. What a tease K. :)

Anonymous said...

That couch is amazing! And love those photos. A bunch!

Anonymous said...