Monday, August 30, 2010

Fall, Lovely.

Dainty and Demure Top
Back to Your Roots Dress
Positive Influence Sweater
Tussie-Mussie Dress
What's My Line Socks
Kimchi Blue Two-Tone Wingtip Skimmer
(The shoes are from Urban Outfitters and everything else is ModCloth).

I'm already looking forward to September and the looming long weekend (yes, I know it's only Monday).  There will be much fall shopping and relaxing to be had.  The items above are ideas of the looks I like for fall... muted florals, soft, cozy materials and thigh high socks.  I probably already own too many pairs of these socks, but I can't get enough of them!  As for the shoes, I bought a heeled version of these (below) in Vienna a couple of summers back, but for practical reasons (um, the whole 5'-10" of me) I would love the option of flat-form.  I'm finding fall fashion this year is pretty laid back, layered (yay!) and super focused on the warm and fuzzy.  These are the things fall is all about, right?!

Today looks a little like this for me: yoga, coffee, painting, kiss the sister goodbye (yet again) and a little planning for the sewing/art room make-over (goal #2)...
...And I'm off!


Katie said...

have you checked out

i feel like a geek for not knowing about them earlier.

Kari said...

Oh, Katie, you trouble maker... I am very susceptible to this whole shopping online thing. Thanks for the link, lady!

Aire said...

Thanks for featuring our items on your blog! I love the ones you picked. :)

Aire @ModCloth

Kari said...

Hi Aire - It was SO hard to pick just a few, I love so many ModCloth pieces!

Anonymous said...

Kari, I love your clothing-love posts :D I'm so excited for fall too!
And now I'm going to spend 45 minutes (at minimum) going through the ModCloth site. Yay!


Kari said...

Thanks Kaeleigh! Haha, you'll definitely need more than 45 minutes on ModCloth's site :)

Katie said...

I know! I'm on night shift which means some internet time... It's so tempting to buy some awesome pieces. But tomorrow is 50% at Value Village day!