Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wee Peeps Painting Classes

I got to spend a couple of afternoons this past week hanging out with two of my favorite jr. people - Lil' Miss Ariel and Abdalla.  These two were both students in my last painting class at Posers Gallery, and I was so happy to have another class with them - we spent as much time laughing as we did painting.  Ariel brought the wit and Abdalla brought the silly.  Hilarious. Check out Abdalla on YouTube and that will give you a bit of insight as to why we spent our time giggling.

My example of a 'straw' painting on the left with Ariel's 'lily.'
Ariel's 'icing sugar' painting in her signature 'popsicle' palette.
 Abdalla's 'icing sugar' painting.
A collection of work by both kiddos.  They also painted cupcakes with some delicious looking frosting - yum! 


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